28 days happier is a guide to living a
happier, healthier, more vibrant life.


This step-by-step program is based on scientifically-proven practices and recipes with foods and nutrients that help maintain a healthy, happy brain and body.


“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” -Dalai Lama.     


I know exactly what is feels like to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted - to feel like I was simply going through the motions, almost always on the verge of breaking down. 

I also know what it feels like to be in the flow - to feel lighter, inspired, content, healthy, and friggen' happy. 28 Days Happier is a guide to living a happier, healthier, more vibrant life, based on what I've learned on my own journey and the latest research.

The program includes 4 7-day meal plans based on nutritional psychiatry (because the science shows that when we eat foods and nutrients that nourish our brain and body - and promote gut health - we are happier, less anxious, and less depressed). 

You'll also get weekly plans or how you can incorporate simple, science-based happiness activities into your routine. 



what's included:

4 x 7 day meal plans with grocery lists and recipes - over 90 recipes!
Meal plans are built around foods and nutrients that are shown to support mental well-being. 

Weekly guides for how to incorporate happiness boosting activities into your life - think gratitude, meditation and mindfulness, some soul-searching and goal-digging.

Weekly bonus activities for even more happy!





'I started 28 days happier a few months ago. Initially I was interested In making changes to my diet after going through a few small health problems. Out of the hundreds of options on social media about diet and healthy eating plans, I chose 28 days happier for two reasons, one because I can relate to the way that Shay naturally markets her company, which would be a no nonsense, honest, down to earth approach; second, was due to the main difference that this plan had which others didn’t, which was a focus on mental and spiritual health. One week after starting the plan, I felt different. My mind was clearer, my body felt nourished, I was reminded of the little things which mean the most and not to mention... with those recipes and food choices, my digestive tract was finally getting back to normal! I think that anybody looking for a well balanced wholesome and natural approach to a healthier life style- both the mental and internal aspects of it- would benefit from this well thought out plan! From this I have learned not to put my metal health on the back burner!'

- Lindsay


'All of the recipes were so delicious, and made me feel so good, and energized! It opened up my diet to things I didn't think I liked and are now a staple that will continue in my diet. The recipes were so easy and there's even a grocery list down to each exact measurement so you don' t need to buy whole packaged things if your grocery store has a bulk isle. This program includes short weekly activities that are shown to boost happiness, and they sure did. Activities from meditation which I am now so inlove with doing and am excited to explore this practice more, to gratitude practices and self-love. I highly recommend this program to all my friends and family! I am beyond grateful for Shay providing such an amazing program'

- Danielle


'I am going through 28 Days Happier slowly bu tsurely and would like to say I thoroughly enjoy it so far, with the recipes and mindful eating. The mindful and intuitive eating is new to me, but I feel so different now about food!'

- Ashley


28 Days Happier
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