Are you ready to live a lighter life? Physically, emotionally, mentally.

I know what it feels like to be burnt out. To be so busy that self-care and nutrition don't stand a chance. I know what it feels like to be confused by all of the conflicting nutrition and health information out there. I know what it's like to feel weighed down by the heaviness of life; to feel hopeless. 

The good news is that I also know how to come out of it.

I'm here to support you in finding balance and in living a life that feels lighter
and more free (and no, you don't have to sell all of your worldly possessions and move to a remote fishing village in Thailand to do it).

We'll work together to build a nutrition and wellness program just for you, based on your goals, needs, lifestyle, and most importantly, based on foods and activities you already love. We can also use meditation and mindfulness to help manage stress, change our relationship with food, and increase happiness. I'm not offering a quick-fix, I'm offering support to help you change your life. 





a little about me.

Hi there!

I'm Shay, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, aspiring yogi, and a lover of travel and adventure (oh, and hockey). I'm here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, whether you want to lose weight, increase your energy, address digestive issues, or just to live an authentically happier life. 

work with me. 

Let's work together. 

All services are customized to meet your individual needs and your budget! I offer holistic nutrition coaching, meditation and mindfulness coaching, and packages that incorporate both.  

All services are provided remotely (so we can connect while your still in your stretchy pants on the couch). 

read the blog. 

Information on nutrition and wellness you can trust.  

The blog is where I share recipes plus everything I know about nutrition, mindfulness and meditation, be-happier stuff, and general wellness content. I've worked in various nutrition and health research roles and won't make recommendations that aren't backed by science.

shady ape. 

Mindful T-shirts.

Check out Shady Ape - a company I started with my partner April that bring you mindfulness-based T-shirts from YEG that allow the outside to reflect the inside. We believe that mindfulness and meditation have the power to transform, and we want what you wear to start a conversation about it. PS. We donate a portion of the sales to Little Warriors, a local charity. 





When I started working with Shay I was brand new to meditation. I had no idea what to expect or how this experience would unfold. Shay was (and is) instrumental in my journey into meditation. Her simplicity in explanation and compassion towards the practice and myself have turned my own practice into a love affair.

I’ve only been meditating for 3 months but the changes have been monumental. Shay is such a caring, down to earth, professional teacher. Her enthusiasm, passion, and guidance is exactly what you need whether you are just starting out or wanting to deepen your practice.

- Kat V.


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