'This might come across cliché or possibly 'too good to be true', but working with Shay CHANGED MY LIFE. Hands down. For as long as I can remember, self doubt, body shaming, mindless eating and unfulfilled intentions were something so familiar to me that I had completely lost sight of how I was treating myself. The plan Shay made for me wasn't just a 'copy and paste' type deal, it was specific to ME. Shay's attention to detail is unreal - my meal plan included a variation of LITERALLY every single one of my favorite foods. In a little over a month my gut, my skin and my mind have become incredibly clear. I truly can't express my gratitude enough for what working with Shay did to my life. Instead of leaning on temporary 'quick' fixes, I've found a path of kindness and compassion. Towards myself, and my ever-blooming physical and spiritual being. If there's anything you can do for yourself now, yourself tomorrow and yourself for the rest of your life, it would be to reach out to Shay.'

- Megan G.


'I would highly recommend working with Shay! She is really knowledgeable in many aspects of overall health and wellness and nutrition. She is extremely approachable at all times of the day if you have a quick question or need to vent, she answers all your questions to the best of her ability and if she doesn’t know the answer she definitely finds it for you. I feel I have a much better understanding of my body, how it feels, and how it works. I can now carry that knowledge and understanding with me for the rest of my life. I not only found a life mentor but a friend.'

- Tracey C. 

When I started working with Shay I was brand new to meditation. I had no idea what to expect or how this experience would unfold. Shay was (and is) instrumental in my journey into meditation. Her simplicity in explanation and compassion towards the practice and myself have turned my own practice into a love affair.

I’ve only been meditating for 3 months but the changes have been monumental. Shay is such a caring, down to earth, professional teacher. Her enthusiasm, passion, and guidance is exactly what you need whether you are just starting out or wanting to deepen your practice.

- Kat V.

'Working with Shay has been a dream. Her approach to her practice for her clients to be the best versions of themselves is remarkable. She does not judge current lifestyles choices and helps you modify them for a more healthy way of living. With the change in eating habits (she provided easy to follow recipes of foods you enjoy to eat) and mediation/ gratitude practices, there is a change in my daily living by feeling more energized and a general more positive outlook from completing Shay's program. She has provided me with the tools that give me the confidence to carry on the best practice for myself and my lifestyle.

- Tarryn K.

Absolutely an amazing and soulful person, if you're looking to make lasting change this is the person you need in your corner, weather it's mindfulness, a little self love, or nutrition on the way to a better physical body. 

Shay is without a doubt one of the easiest people to talk with about anything, and she is very sincere about helping her clients in any way within her means, she's helped keep me accountable to myself and also helped me get past a lot of self loathing by celebrating little wins each and every day. 

- Doug M.


'I started 28 days happier a few months ago. Initially I was interested In making changes to my diet after going through a few small health problems. Out of the hundreds of options on social media about diet and healthy eating plans, I chose 28 days happier for two reasons, one because I can relate to the way that Shay naturally markets her company, which would be a no nonsense, honest, down to earth approach; second, was due to the main difference that this plan had which others didn’t, which was a focus on mental and spiritual health. One week after starting the plan, I felt different. My mind was clearer, my body felt nourished, I was reminded of the little things which mean the most and not to mention... with those recipes and food choices, my digestive tract was finally getting back to normal! I think that anybody looking for a well balanced wholesome and natural approach to a healthier life style- both the mental and internal aspects of it- would benefit from this well thought out plan! From this I have learned not to put my metal health on the back burner!'

- Lindsay 

'I am going through 28 Days Happier slowly bu tsurely and would like to say I thoroughly enjoy it so far, with the recipes and mindful eating. The mindful and intuitive eating is new to me, but I feel so different now about food!'

- Ashley

'All of the recipes were so delicious, and made me feel so good, and energized! It opened up my diet to things I didn't think I liked and are now a staple that will continue in my diet. The recipes were so easy and there's even a grocery list down to each exact measurement so you don' t need to buy whole packaged things if your grocery store has a bulk isle. This program includes short weekly activities that are shown to boost happiness, and they sure did. Activities from meditation which I am now so inlove with doing and am excited to explore this practice more, to gratitude practices and self-love. I highly recommend this program to all my friends and family! I am beyond grateful for Shay providing such an amazing program'

- Danielle